Statistics As of 2019 year 3 month26 day, Located (Fengkai Xian), postcode: 441225(FKX) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Can Making[Aerosol Can Testing] WOM 4C Welding Overlap Monitor, in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : The CanNeed ӡWOM 3A Welding Overlap Monitorӱ is used to measure the length and thickness of side seam welding overlap. ItӮs equipped with the most advanced optical system and Golden LensTM, which ensured the high image definition. Give enterprises great benefits.
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Product's Detail----Class----PET Bottle and Preform ----AS-200d Digital AutoShaker Beverage CO2 Calculator
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Detail Moredetail
The ”°AS-200d Digital AutoShaker Beverage CO2 Calculator”± is a patented instrument which is for calculating the carbon dioxide content in the filled drink in glass/PET bottles and cans. The simple operation which guarantees high reproducibility has led to its becoming a significant element of Quality Assurance in the drinks industry.

The operation involves putting the sample drink in the in the protection drum, piercing the sample, rotation by motor so that phase equilibrium is obtained after the end of the shaking process, and the carbon dioxide content is calculated from the temperature/pressure relationship charts furnished with this instrument. The even rotation overturning the bottle provides optimum release of the dissolved carbon dioxide and is the basis for the excellent reproducibility of the measurement results.

For air determinations the IAM Air Meter can be combined with ”°AS-200d Digital AutoShaker Beverage CO2 Calculator”±.
• Determination of air content in the headspace volume,
• Determination of total air content in the beverage.

- Rotate by motor, avoid shaking by hand, guarantees high reproducibility
- With protection drum, more safety
- High accuracy, calculate the CO2 content automatically
- Good repeatability
- Simple operation
- Easy to calibrate
- Applicable to most common glass/PET bottle and cans.

Technical data:
CO2 Measuring range: 2.50 - 9.99 g/L
(0.25-1.00 gew.%, or 1.25-5.00 % V/V£©
Temperature Measuring range: -10 - +60 ”ę
Press Measuring range: -1 - +6 bar
CO2 Resolution: ”Ą0.10 g/L
Temperature Resolution: ”Ą0.2”ę
Press Resolution: ”Ą0.1 bar
Sample capacity:
Diameter: 120 mm max. (Bigger by order)
Height: 360mm max.
Power supply: 230V/50Hz
Dimensions: 500 x 400 x 700 mm(W x D x H)
Net Weight: 20 kg

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