Statistics As of 2019 year 3 month18 day, Located (Baoshan Qu), postcode: 230506(BSQ) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Can Making[Double Seam Inspection] Seam-X-On-line X-Ray Automatic Seam Scanner(Non-destructive), in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The CanNeed ¡°Seam-X-On-Line X-Ray Automatic Seam Scanner¡± adopts non-destructive measurement method to measure the seam quality, suitable for measuring the aluminum cans, steel cans , aluminum-iron composite cans and etc. It¡¯s applicable for online in producing department. It¡¯s a non-destructive, cost saving, accurate measurement and automatic equipment which can be installed on the production line to improve the sampling frequency.</P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>Advantages:<BR>01)Non-destructive measurement, avoid wasting samples<BR>02)Non-destructive measurement, avoid environmental pollution and save handling charges<BR>03)High sampling frequency, reduce the isolation inferior<BR>04)High sampling frequency, cost saving<BR>05)Can track the chucks corresponding to the unqualified products<BR>06)360-degree fully scan measurement<BR>07)Can be suitable for various types of cans<BR>08)Higher accuracy<BR>09)Avoid manual measurement error<BR>10)Durable<BR>11)Accord with the worldwide safety standards</P> Give enterprises great benefits.
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CanNeed Instrument (HK) Limited concentrates on making and offering the Quality Control Instruments and total solution for Can-making, Canning, Brewery and Beverage industries. Dutifully and heartily, we served the industries since 1998. We always keep our faith ¡®You Need, We Can¡¯ in mind and it makes us moving forward.

Our products have been sold to many famouse customers all over the world. Since we get good comments from them, CanNeed¡¯s products become more and more popular.

Hope CanNeed will be your reliable supplier and we could build a bright future!

Canneed Instrument (HK) Limited 
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(Please Contact our China Headquarter)
China Headquarters: 14th Building, Institute of Education, Star Lake Road, Zhaoqing City, P.R.China
Zip code:526062
Tel: +86-758-2788469, 2938185 
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